10 weight loss mistakes we all make

On the face of it, weight loss sounds like a simple formula – burn more calories than you consume, eat less, move more and workout regularly. But we all know it is a lot harder than it sounds!

However, this is because we often make mistakes without even realising it. We share 10 weight loss mistakes that most of us make while trying to shed weight:

Skipping breakfast for a glass a juice
Juice raises blood sugar, which makes your body produce more insulin. One may become hungry and over eat later, according to researchers. Make sure you take in fibre and protein with your glass of OJ.weight loss mistakes: glass of juice

Skipping Meals
It is a misconception that skipping a meal saves calories. Research shows that most people who eat fewer than three meals usually end up eating more calories during the course of the day!

Too much focus on protein
Dieters swear by protein but did you know that if you have too much of it, it gets stored as fat? Moreover, protein-high shakes and bars tend to be sugary so choose wisely. weight loss mistakes: protein

Adding unhealthy add-ons
We may be sticking to our salads but what is the point if we use high-fat toppings such as cheese, croutons and creamy dressings? Beware of the add-ons!

Losing it on cheat day
There’s always a “cheat day”, that day when you convince yourself that a little bit of extra, or unhealthy, eating won’t harm. But be careful as that may be the day when you can pack on thousands of calories.junk food

Not taking any rest day
Most of us take up weight loss as a challenge and dive head on into it. But experts say that overtraining can defeat the purpose of the exercise. Always take a one or two-day break from exercising.

Giving up everything you love
Giving up on your favourite food can make you hate dieting; a common mistake dieters make. And they go back to eating with a vengeance on that cheat day we told you about!eat everything you love

Taking in too many liquid calories
While most of us may avoid solid food to cut down on weight, we see no harm in liquid drinks – alcohol, coffee, juices, tea, and sodas. But all these contribute to scary weight gain. Switch to green smoothies or skimmed milk instead.

Mindless eating
Most dieters may face “eating amnesia” – the act of unknowingly putting the hand to mouth, in front of the television or while reading a book. That must stop! Eating mindfully is an expert-backed tip to lose weight.eating while reading

Rushing through the meal
Eating is not a race and gulping down your food while on the run will not help lose those calories. Make sure you are sitting and relaxed while eating. This will also ensure that you are at peace, chew your food and eat lesser.