11 Cheap Ways to Travel Abroad

If you won the lottery, imagine all of the amazing things you’d finally get to do. Take a trip to see the cherry blossoms bloom in Tokyo, go snorkeling with sea turtles in Bali, explore the hidden wonder of Machu Picchu in Peru, or get up close and personal with the wildlife in Tanzania. The world would seem limitless.

Now imagine being able to do all of that without winning the lottery. Crossing off every location on your bucket list shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg, and, guess what: it doesn’t have to. With our budget travel tips, you can visit to every corner of the globe—from the Greek Isles, to Melbourne, to Buenos Aires and back again—on a budget that suits you. Traveling isn’t just for the rich anymore, my friend!

So, look no further; we’re here to help you navigate balling on a budget.

Here are the 11 BEST ways to travel cheap

Believe it or not, there are cheap ways for students to travel. In fact, there’s cheap ways for everyone to travel! With a little flexibility and a bit of know-how, you’ll be able to save money traveling like it’s nobody’s business. Sadly, none of these tips will get you traveling for free, but they’ll definitely help you cut costs where it counts.

1. Travel with Friends

There’s no one better to share your travel adventures with than all of your BFFs. Your group chats are already consumed with talk of fun and different ways to travel, so why not turn it into a reality? This is one of the best ways to save money while traveling, because you can split all the costs. Groceries, accommodation, activities, car rentals; all of it gets so much cheaper the more people you have. Grab your friends and get planning!

2. Try Couchsurfing

Wanna spend your vacay surfing it up on the Brazilian coastline but can’t afford a hotel room with an ocean view? Take up another kind of surfing: couchsurfing. Locals open their doors to tourists looking for a cheap place to stay. They can also tell you all about the lesser-known gems across the city: from cute, hole-in-the-wall restaurants to the quietest beaches for your early morning surf. You’ll have access to a wealth of knowledge that isn’t available at a hotel and save a ton of money on accommodation.

3. Look Into Programs to Volunteer Abroad

Volunteering helps the community and the planet and it’s good for your soul. Take your mission overseas with a volunteer opportunity abroad. There are so many programs and causes out their, so you’re sure to find something that works for you. Not only is this a different way to travel, it’s also great for budget travelers, because, although you usually have to pay to join the program, that will cover your accommodation, meals, and lots of other costs.

4. Get a Part Time Job While You’re Away

Maybe budget travel isn’t for you and you’d rather live like they do in the movies; settle in Sydney for the summer and catch some rays or take an extended siesta in Barcelona over Christmas break. Whatever your prerogative, a part time job is a good way to fill the gaps in your finances without sacrificing comfort or must-do activities. If you’re on a visa that lets you work and you’re happy to stay in one spot for a bit, talk to a local temping agency about finding a short term role. You’ll make some money and add some cool experience to your resume!

5. Search for Budget Travel Destinations

“Budget” doesn’t have to mean “not worth visiting”! In fact, many countries with lower costs of living can be great places to stop, get off the beaten path, and save some money. Beautiful countries like Colombia, Bosnia, Portugal, Sri Lanka, and many others are safe, unique, and affordable places to travels, even if you’re going solo. Generally speaking, food, transportation, and accommodation are cheap, so you can save your money traveling here and spend it on pricier destinations later.

6. If You’re in College (or High School!), Study Abroad

You probably wouldn’t expect studying abroad to be included in a list of budget travel tips, but it can be done! Depending on the school and location, study abroad programs can be the same price or cheaper than a semester at your home university. Going with one of the budget travel destinations listed above is a good place to start looking, as countries with lower costs of living are ideal for studying abroad. There are tons of scholarships available too, so it can definitely be one of the cheap ways for students to travel.

7. Stay with Relatives Who Live Overseas

Does your cousin live in Germany? Or maybe your mom’s step-sister’s uncle’s son lives in Japan? If you’ve got a relative living abroad, that is the perfect excuse for you to stop by on your budget travel adventure. You’ll get to visit your family and save money traveling. We’re talking free accommodation, free meals, insider tips, and your own personal, bona fide tour guide. It really doesn’t get much better than that!

8. Intern Abroad and Gain Experience
Taking a lengthy break from work and studying to travel may not suit everyone. So, interning abroad is a good alternative for a career-driven person looking for a different way to travel. Programs can set you up with the perfect site in whatever country you want for whatever duration works for you. Interning can even be a cheap way to travel abroad in countries that aren’t exactly budget travel destination, like Sydney or London. Despite the program price tag and cost of living, you’re gaining valuable experience and international connections.

9. Go for an All-Inclusive Package

All-inclusive getaways aren’t just for grandparents going on cruises around the Florida Keys. From bus tours around Asia to island-hopping adventures in the Mediterranean, these programs can be a good way to save money traveling, no matter your age. Again, opting for lesser-known locations during the off season is your best bet to save extra money. But, even if you end up going with a more expensive option, meals, accommodation, transportation, and activities are usually discounted, if not completely covered with these packages.

10. Travel During Off-Peak Times

Traveling to Europe over summer break may sound like a dream, but if we’re talking about cheap ways to travel the world, you may be better off going at off-peak times. Usually, that will mean winter or fall, depending on where you’re going. But hey, walking around snow-covered streets in Prague wouldn’t be so bad either! Do your research; finding the less popular times to visit your budget travel destination is one of the easiest ways to travel cheap.

11. Apply for Teach Abroad Programs

Whether you have teaching experience or not, teaching abroad is a cheap way to travel somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. You can get paid a pretty generous salary, learn some new skills (that will make your resume shine!), and spend a long time overseas. Some programs even cover your housing, meals, or airfare! If you’re passionate about teaching and are willing to learn, this can be a really cheap way to travel the world.