40 cameras to monitor snow leopards in high Himalayan region

For the first time, the forest department is going to install 40 solar panel cameras to monitor wildlife including Uttarakhand in the high Himalayan region of Uttarakhand. These cameras will be installed near the army and ITBP camps, along with snow leopard potential sites. In this connection, the Forest Department will hold a meeting with the Army and ITBP officials before August 15. This initiative will help in estimating the number of snow leopards and other wildlife, while effective measures can also be taken for security.

A significant number of snow leopards are estimated to exist in the higher Himalayan regions of the state. Photographs often captured in camera traps installed at various locations confirm this. However, so far it remains a mystery how much they actually are. In view of this, the Snow Leopard enumeration is proposed in the Secure Himalaya project from next month. Meanwhile, the forest department is also going to install cameras to monitor other wildlife including snow leopards.

JS Suhag, Chief Wildlife Guardian of the state, says that for the first time it has been decided to install 40 solar cameras in the high Himalayan region. Due to the solar panels, these cameras will not have the hassle of changing the battery frequently. In connection with the installation of cameras, information has been obtained from divisional forest officers about the snow leopard potential sites. There are also army and ITBP camps in this frontier area, around which snow leopards have been seen in the east. He informed that solar cameras will also be installed near these camps. Prior to August 15, the strategy will be decided by meeting with officials of the Indian Wildlife Institute along with the Army and ITBP. Efforts are on to start the cameras from September.

Solar cameras will be installed here

Other areas including Malari, Gamshali, Sumna, Mana, Bhaironghati, Nelang, Lanka bordering the high Himalayan region.