Aligarh news on TV, freeze, AC, washing machine increased by 10 to 20 percent

The crooked and cornered patients of Corona have stopped the steps of the customers even after the market opened. After the summer season is over, the rainy season has also knocked. The Rs 20 crore monthly business is not even half. Branded companies have increased rates on electronic goods by 10 to 20 percent. Markets were banned on 22 March following the public curfew. Mass events were banned. Everything came to a standstill for three months. Unlock two means relief after June 8. Grandeur was omitted in marriage and other matrimonial ceremonies. The date of all the weddings was removed. Whatever marriages happened, The harsh conditions in them washed away the bride’s wishes. The grandeur of weddings remained until seven rounds. During this time the electronic market is badly beaten, except for the TV market. 10 distributors of different companies are not able to meet the target given by the companies. Companies like LG and Samsung give a target of Rs 3.5 crore monthly to their distributors. The market may have opened, but customers are not coming. If this is the situation then there is a crisis on the festive season too.

Festival season

The wedding season was beaten. AC, cooler, freeze season is underway. The season will be off. Now it is expected from the festive season. Gaurav Harkut, Harkut Electronics, Ramghat Road Warehouses are full of goods. The business is not even half. Distributor’s money is also stuck in the market. – Master Omprakash, Master Radio, Mamubhanja