Allahabad Central University will break the chain of infection

The corona virus infection chain can now be broken easily. From this, the figures of the infectives growing continuously can also be stopped. For this, Dr. Awadh Bihari Yadav, Assistant Professor in the Department of Biotechnology, Allahabad Central University (IVIV), along with his research student Manish Gaur, has prepared a special style cupboard. Acting Vice Chancellor Professor RR Tiwari also inaugurated it in the administrative building (Senate Hall) on Thursday.

This racket will free the goods from bacteria and viruses

Dr. Awadh Bihari Yadav said that this B Safe Almari is a UV light based device. This will make the clothes and accessories of daily use free from viruses and bacteria. It is made of research grade steel sheets. The special thing is that it protects the user from direct exposure to UV light. Two UV-C tubes generate light with sufficient intensity to properly disinfect the fabric and accessories. Apart from this it is also equipped with a wardrobe timer, which controls the timing of UV light. It can be set to different exposure times as needed. This cabinet is constructed using standard steel sheets. The probability of leakage of UV light is reduced to zero. The dimensions of the cabinet are 18 inches deep, 27 inches width 48 inches height.

Effective in lab, pathology center, hospital and small items to free infection

This rack can also be used to free labs, pathology centers, hospitals and household clothes and small items from viruses and bacteria. The work has received financial support under the Design Innovation Project of the Ministry of Education. Dr. Yadav said that efforts are being made to make it available in the market at reasonable prices soon. Dean Science Professor Shekhar Srivastava, Proctor Prof. RK Upadhyay, DSW Prof. KP Singh, Dean Arts Prof. RK Singh, Registrar Prof. NK Shukla and PRO Dr. Shailendra Mishra etc. were present.