Amazing coincidence this time on Rakshabandhan

This time on the festival of brother and sister Rakshabandhan is becoming a wonderful coincidence. In this, the sum of Sarvartha Siddhi, Ayushman and Longevity will be effective together. On this, the priest and astrologer Ramesh Shastri of Shri Bawa Lal Dayal Mandir Gosaipur told that Bhadrakala will also be on Raksha Bandhan festival on August 3 till 9:29 am. After this, time will be auspicious for the sisters to decorate the rakhi on the wrist of the brother. The importance of Rakshabandhan increases even more due to the amazing coincidence that is being formed with the Monday of Savan month. This is the first time when Rakshabandhan is coming to Lord Shiva on the Monday of the month of Savan. On this day, the Guru will be in his Sagittarius sign and Saturn will be in retrograde in Capricorn. The Moon changes its zodiac every two and a half days. Moon will be in Capricorn with Saturn on Rakshabandhan, Which is an auspicious yoga. On the day of Raksha Bandhan, Monday is also the month of Savan month, in this month, the devotees who keep the fast of Lord Shiva will fast by tying Raksha and fasting.