Amazingly emboldened Divyang to live life in epidemic

When the corona epidemic has brought many difficulties in the lives of common people, then the lives of the disabled have come to a crossroads. On the move, people started to stay away from the corona due to the support of others, while avoiding the sight of the corona, including the sight-affected railings, benches and electric poles that identify the place with the touch of hands. Was.

Even in the midst of this very difficult situation, an organization of the disabled has set a wonderful example of living life in front of common people by helping thousands of needy people. The special thing is that 70 percent of the volunteers who came before the service work were Divyang.

The organization, Sapandam-Trust for the Disabled, has so far distributed cooked food to more than two and a half lakh needy in various states of the country including Delhi. Similarly, more than 16 thousand dry ration packets have been given. The Corona warriors were also concerned. He was given more than 22 thousand PPE kits and other safety equipment. ICU beds were also provided to 15 hospitals in various states. Process of giving ICU beds is also going on in some Kovid hospitals in Delhi, Noida and Gurugram.

Not only this, financial assistance has also been started for more than 1000 Divyang. Financial assistance of five to seven thousand rupees is being provided to each one through bank accounts. Divyang Shailendra, who is associated with this trust and posted as Deputy General Manager in a branch of State Bank of India, Delhi, says that this campaign is going on in many other states including Rajasthan, Uttarakhand and Tamil Nadu via Delhi.

When the lockdown occurred to reduce corona infection, the most worrying was the needy disabled. To help them, we decided to move out of the house leaving our worries. The campaign started again under the leadership of the institution’s president, Mahantesh GK. More than 600 Divyangs working in the institution also came together. Many of them are also visually impaired. There are partial to full divyang among them but he did not back down from this resolve. The service work of Samapuram runs in several states including Delhi.

There are educational, cultural and skill development activities related to its disabilities. Through these, every kind of help is made in connecting the Divyang with higher education and making them productive to stand on their feet. Sonu Bhola, the head of the Delhi Center, is also a Divyang. They say that all the people associated with them in this campaign are Divyang but during this calamity, there was no shortage in helping the common needy with the Divyang, because we were encouraged. He explains that whether it is a matter of getting permission from the administration to go to the Red or Containment Zone or to go there. We went everywhere and helped people. The support is being extended to the needy with the help of government and private companies.