Amul shares ‘Googlebandi’ tweet on Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s $10 billion investment in India announcement

Amul is known for sharing creative posts on different contemporary events. Case in point their latest tweet on Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s announcement that the company will be investing close to $10 billion to fund digital innovation in India. The investment would take place over a period of the next five to seven years.

Amul has shared a post, saying “Tech company announces digitization fund to accelerate India’s digital economy!”. They also tweeted an image which shows Sundar Pichai enjoying a meal with the iconic Amul girl. The caption, “Pichai aur India ki Googlebandi!” is also seen written across the image.

With over 4,600 likes and close to 700 retweets, people shared all sorts of comments on the post. While some couldn’t stop praising the dairy company’s creativity, others wrote about the opportunities which will arise from the investment.

“I just want to meet the person who has is leading the creative Team of Amul. Hats off,” wrote a Twitter user. To which, another individual replied, “Same here, I’m a fan of their creative team. They always come up with innovative doodle showcasing social and economic pertinent situation of our country, Love you #Amul.”

“Very creative!!” wrote a Twitter user.

“The Google for India digitization fund will invest $10 billion over the next 5-7 years in terms of equity, partnerships, operations and infrastructure development,” Pichai said on Monday. He was speaking at the sixth edition of Google for India. The event was conducted in collaboration with the Ministry of Electronic and Information Technology.

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