An Easy 5-Step Makeup Routine for College-Going Girls

College life is fun and freshers know it better than anyone else. Every day is full of excitement: you meet new people or explore your new free-bird version after the strict schooling phase. And, then you want to put your best face forward every day. You may or may not be a makeup person, but a little bit glam and fun never hurts anyone. I know doing a proper makeup routine is such a pain. I mean, it isn’t really ‘realistic’ to have a concealer, setting powder, mascara, lipstick and all that jazz on your face for every day you go to college! It’s just too much especially for all the lazy bums. 😀 So, here is the simplest 5-step makeup routine for college girls so that every day is a great face day for you in your college.

1. Mix an oil controlling moisturiser with a bit of BB cream

So you have taken a quick shower, towel dried your hair and looking at your sleep deprived face in the mirror. Girl, that’s the consequence of binge watching Friends. Anyway, you mustn’t forget you are getting late for college as well. So, it’s the time to moisturise and get an even skin tone. Take your beginners’ vanity essentials, i.e. a moisturiser with SPF and a bit of BB cream. Mix them well on the back of your hand and then apply them. No more pain of blending because you have decreased the pigmentation of BB cream by mixing it with your moisturiser. An oil-free or oil-controlling moisturiser keeps your skin shine-free throughout the day. BB creams are usually dewy so don’t worry you won’t look too flat.

2. Apply kajal

Don’t mess with a liquid eyeliner at this moment. Keep a smudge-free, deeply pigmented kajal or kohl handy. Tightline your upper lash line and if your eyes aren’t very small then tightline your lower waterline as well because that looks pretty. Your typical Indian eyes look is complete, just like that.

3. Apply some mascara

Mascara is such a boon for your eyes when they are looking tired. Apply 1-2 coats of any mascara of your choice. Too much mascara makes you look aged so keep it simple and non-clumpy. Getting lower lashes done is optional because sometimes it looks too heavy for a college face. Now a trick – take a tissue paper, clean the wand a bit and then run it through your eyebrows, and viola! Natural-looking yet defined eyebrows are here and they will last quite a long time. Just remember to clean the mascara brush well so that you don’t end up depositing a lot of pigment.

4. Apply a lip product of your choice

It’s totally your choice. A cute-looking lip gloss, a moisturising lip balm, an opaque lipstick or a natural lip stain: apply anything your lips are comfortable with and throw the same in your college bag. Why? Because you are going to hang out in the canteen, have some snacks and cold drink, which make make the color vanish.

5. Powder a bit if your face is already shiny

I feel powder on a young face makes it look dull. So, apply a mattifying powder like Maybelline White Superfresh 12HR Whitening + Perfecting Compact only if you get oil on your face, or just on the t-zone in case you tend to get shiny in heat and sweat. If you feel you don’t need it now, toss it into your bag and take it along for touch-up(s).

Some bonus tips for freshers:

1. Do not go overboard with makeup. Flaunt your natural beauty.
2. Keep special lip colours like reds and hot pinks for special college occasions (like the fresher party).
3. Keep a cute water bottle so that you’re never dehydrated.
4. Always go for a comfortable hairstyle.
5. It’s not uncool to take homemade lunch for college – try and see all others joining you.
6. Keep a sanitizer with you.
7. Having your face wash and a little towelette will help if you get soaked up in sweat during college activities.