Anger among consumers due to arbitrary arbitrariness

Ration card holders of Rajmilan village of Myorpur block have come out of the retailer’s activities and have demanded action from the District Magistrate. A quota shop operated in the village of Danua Tola is becoming a problem for the villagers. The villagers have been apprehensive of justice by informing the regional MLA Hariram Chero, who was overwhelmed by the activity of Kotedar. In the complaint letter signed by dozens of people, it is alleged that instead of 35 kg grains, 32 kg grains are given to card holders. 100 rupees is replaced by 85 rupees. Village President Jagarnath said that the retailer has been warned several times to improve functioning. Recently, Suresh Putra Tejbali was beaten. Supply Inspector Myorpur Suresh Kumar said that the matter is not in his cognizance. The village head has also not made any complaint in this regard. Action will be taken if we get any complaint from the ration card holders of the village