Badan Singh Baddo’s partner Gaurav Kapoor threatened shopkeeper, video submitted to police

Gaurav Kapoor, partner of Badan Singh Baddo, has also been charged in the shop market and theft in Bhopal market. At the same time, the threat section was also increased in the lawsuit. The video has also been submitted to the police, threatening Gaurav Kapoor from the victim side. On the other hand, sending a letter to the captain on behalf of Rahul Das has been put on his side.

Sent to jail for attempted robbery

Dharmendra Grover hired Dr. Santosh Singh of Begum Bagh on Dr. Bhopal Singh Market Begum Bridge Road located on Begumbridge Road. Santosh Singh’s daughter Ganga transferred the banner of some shops to a builder Ajay Singhal resident Dalampada Kotwali and Rahul Das, the operator of the car showroom in Abuen. On 20 July, when Dharmendra arrived to open Grover’s shop, he was sent to jail by police for attempting to steal it. On release from jail, Dharmendra complained to the ADG, after which the case filed against Dharmendra was ended.

Threats to kill

Also, Dharmendra’s tahrir was filed against Ajay Singhal and Rahul Das. On Thursday, the statements of Dharmendra’s daughter Roshni Grover were recorded, in which she said that Gaurav Kapoor, the partner of the infamous Badan Singh Baddo, had also threatened to kill her. Roshni also handed over his video to the police. SO Ravindra Pahlawat said that Gaurav Kapoor was also charged in the case. Also, Section 506 of IPC (threat of death or serious injury) was increased.

Rahul Das did his favor in front of SSP

On the other hand, a letter has been sent to the SSP on behalf of Rahul Das, stating that he had renamed his shop to Banama Abid. So they have nothing to do with this matter. He said that after purchasing the shop on February 29, he came to know that there is a dispute about the ownership. In such a situation, he decided to separate himself from it. This is the reason that in March, the shop was sold to Abid and in April it also signed the contract. Banama could not occur because of Corona.

Nothing to do with the episode

On July 27, the banama was done when Abid was ready. If they had this much greed about the shop, then the shop bought in February would not sell in March. He also said that the CCTV footage of July 21 handed by Dharmendra Grover to the police which showed his belongings being taken out is nowhere in it. In such a case, it is not appropriate to drag them in this case. He has not been the owner of the shop since March, so he has nothing to do with this episode.