Bayan is the beauty and beauty of society

Chandigarh: The society creates an idea of ​​itself and then accepts it as God’s order. The story of Bayan is tied in this thinking. One who has to become a bystander in compulsion and then is accused of killing children. The play Bayan beautifully illustrates the small thinking of society. There is another celebration in which the traditional happiness of society is seen, on the one hand, this little thought that the woman who bury the children is Bayan. Students of the National School of Drama performed at the Tagore Theater-18, a three-day theater festival that began on Saturday. Under the direction of senior painter Usha Ganguly, the play maintains its grip from the beginning. The play begins with the wrath of a woman who is ordered not to enter the village. Slowly the story goes backward, it is revealed that his father bury the children in the village. At the passing of the father, There is no one in the village who bury children. The villagers plead with her daughter to do this work, understanding the blessings of the father, she does so. When her husband comes to the village, she is accused of killing the children, later this thinking becomes and with this thinking she has to live. Old acting on beautiful set

Traditional theater show as set in the play. In which the village and various circumstances were woven with the help of ropes. Apart from this, the characters looked good, but old things were seen in the acting. However the stagnation from which the acting was done was extremely good. In the play, there were problems with the lights in one or two places, but this was later corrected. The scenes related to the inter-dance dance are quite attractive which also shows the culture of the country. The play written by Mahashweta Devi also showed the voice of women empowerment on which this play has also been written.