Become fire engineering, career opportunity with career

It is often said that do not play with fire. But playing with fire can definitely give a cool career. No one can claim that there will be a fire or not. If there is no fire, then there is no problem, but if it is to be extinguished, then it is necessary to have such a person or a team who can skill the type of fire, cause of fire, ways of extinguishing fire, fire extinguishers and people in fire. Be aware of Obviously, this is not such information that can be learned by asking or reading just like this. It is also studied and its training is also given. In such a situation, those who want to reach career high by playing with fire, they can reach the positions given below from diploma to BE (Fire).

Fireman A fireman is the person who directly battles with fire. A team of firemen is stationed at every fire station.

Leading Fireman – After becoming a Fireman one can become a Leading Fireman by passing the departmental examination.

Sub Officer – The leader of any fire tender is the sub officer. Commanded by firemen and leading firemen. It gives guidance to its team by assessing the situation and how to extinguish the fire while suffering least loss.

Station Officer – The head of any fire station is the station officer who not only leads the team of the fire station but also has full knowledge of what kind of buildings, factories are in the area under the scope of his responsibility. Is where a fire can occur.

Assistant Divisional Officer – The entire state is divided into different divisions and each division is responsible to the Assistant Divisional Officer, which can be varied according to the scope of work and area. It is their responsibility to listen to see if the arrangements made to extinguish the buildings in the area are correct.

Divisional Officer – The Divisional Officer also has the same responsibility as the Assistant Divisional Officer and there is one Divisional Officer on three Assistant Divisional Officers.

Deputy Chief Fire Officer – Coordinating functions of the entire Fire Department with area division and other administrative responsibilities to ensure that the entire Fire Department is competent to deal with every situation. The Deputy Chief Fire Officer looks like an officer.

Chief Fire Officer – The Chief Fire Officer is the boss of the entire Fire Department. Whose supervision is run by the direction, coordination and motivation. The Chief Fire Officer’s leadership determines the minimum incidence of fire in the entire state and how to deal with it with complete preparedness.

Nature of work

Joining the Fire Department is a successful career as well as public service. The main task of fire fighters is to find out the cause of the fire and analyze the measures to prevent it. Fire fighting is a field related to civil, electrical, environmental engineering. For example, with the knowledge of fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, alarms, the best use of water splashes, it aims to protect life and work in the least time and least resources.

Educational Qualifications

There is also some personal qualification required for this field more than the degree required. Fire can occur in gunpowder factories and in chemical factories also in densely populated areas and forests. In such a situation, it is important to have courage, patience with leadership quality, decision making ability. So that it can control any major accident. However, 12th pass is mandatory for admission in diploma or degree. BE (Fire) degree is mandatory for some posts. There is an All India Entrance Exam for admission. Must have passed Chemistry with 50% marks in Physics or Mathematics subject.

Physical ability

Along with academic qualifications, physical aptitude is also seen to make a career in this field. Minimum length 165 cm for men, weight 50 kg. At the same time, women are at least 157 centimeters tall. Weighs at least 46 kg and is within 19 years to 23 years of age.

Which are the courses

Courses like Diploma in Fire and Safety, PG Diploma in Fire and Safety, BSc in Fire Engineering, Certificate Course in Fire Fighting, Fire Technology and Industrial Safety Management, Industrial Safety Supervisor, Rescue and Fire Fighting. The duration of which is from 6 months to three years. During the course, from the technical information of fire extinguishing, the scientific formulas of rescue of life and property are given. Such as how to overcome fire, how to use equipment to play with dangers, etc. are taught.

Where is the opportunity

According to Captain Krishna Kumar, chairman of Delhi Institute of Fire Engineering, it has immense employment potential. Earlier there were only fire stations in metros, today there are fire stations in every district. Apart from this, today the appointment of a fire engineer has been made mandatory in every government and non-government offices. Need of Fire Engineer Apart from the fire department, there is a strong demand for architecture and building construction, insurance assessment, project management, refinery, gas factory, construction industry, plastics, LPG and chemicals plants, multi-storey buildings and airports everywhere.