Brahmapura Brahmin Society set date for festivals

According to the tradition of Anusilan Brahmapura Brahmin Samaj, a festival of various festivals has been taken out by the Anusilan Brahmapura Brahmin Samaj in Bargaon in Sundergarh district. Before Nuakhai and Ganesh Puja, the date and time were decided on the basis of the register by the people of the society who came from different areas. It will be disseminated through village heads.

According to Panjika, this year there will be Ganesh Puja on 22 August, Nuakhai on 23, Pu Jiutia on 10 September, Bhai Jiutia on 23 October, Gajalakshmi Puja on 31 October, Vijay Dashami Puja on 26 October and Deepawali on 14 November. Divyalochan Mishra, Virendra Kumar Purohit, Sudhash Kumar Pati, Upadhyay Panigrahi, Village Head Prakash Panigrahi, Niranjan Panigrahi, Tusharanjan Panigrahi, Sonu Panigrahi, etc. were included in this program of the society at the Badgaon Jagannath Temple.