Budget of kitchen spoiled due to inflation in vegetables

Vegetables prices rose in the last two days of rain only. Although prices are stable in the Delapir wholesale vegetable market, vegetables are selling expensive in retail. In posh areas of the city, this rate is further increased. Due to this, the pockets of the people are getting loose, the taste of food is also getting faded. Vegetable inflation has spoiled the kitchen budget. Potato and tomato rates are the biggest bounce. The way vegetables were being sold cheaply in lockdown, now the rates of vegetables in the unlock are touching the sky. This is a cause of great trouble for the common man. Vegetables reduced in people’s plate

Businessmen are telling the reason for the rise in the prices of vegetables, due to reduced arrival of rain and increase in prices of petrol and diesel. At the same time, due to being expensive, some vegetables have gone away at the moment. Businessman said

Tomatoes and potatoes, which are everyday vegetables, have suddenly increased in prices. In retail, tomatoes are being sold for 60 rupees and potatoes for 30 rupees. There has been a jump in the rate of some other vegetables.

due to the incessant rains, the arrival of farmers has reduced. Rates have risen due to potato and tomato coming from behind. The price difference has also come due to increase in transportation charge due to diesel being expensive.

Women said

Potatoes, green coriander and tomatoes are used in almost every vegetable. These are all getting expensive. First lockdown, then after the rise in vegetable prices is a matter of concern.

– Yogita Tikayani, the rise in prices of housewife vegetable has a direct effect on the kitchen budget. Coriander, tomato, chilli and potato used in almost every vegetable is expensive and is a matter of concern for the middle class family.

– Samta Mishra, Housewife Vegetable Bulk Rate per kg Retail Rate per kg

Potato Old 23 30

Potato new 32 40

Arvi 15-18 25-30

Bhidi 15-22 30

Cowpea 16-20 30

Tarai 8 15

Tomatoes 45-50 60-70

Onion 10-12 20

Coriander 150 250

Shimla 25 40

Cabbage 40 50

Cabbage 15 25

Brinjal 10 17-20

Bitter gourd 10 15

Gourd 7 10-15

Bhidi 10 20

Raw banana 20 30