Bullets were fired by helicopter, the stove did not burn for three days in Amroha

The car service of the 1990s is still remembered, in which three people from industrial city Gajraula also went to Ayodhya to participate. There were bullets fired by helicopter. The police force below also used force on the car servants who reached there. The three people of Gajraula, who took part in the car service, were unable to contact their family members. Could not get any information about them. In such a situation, there was an atmosphere like weeding the houses. In the fear of untoward, the stoves were not burnt at the homes of these three car servants for several days. Today, there is an atmosphere of happiness at their homes.

These three car servants are Vinod Kumar alias Heera Lal, Subhash Chandra Sharma and Dr. Anit Rastaugi. Subhash Chandra Sharma and Vinod Kumar alias Hira Lal, resident of Muhalla Basti of the city, and Dr. Anit Rastougi, resident of Teachers Colony, had left here together. Sometimes by train, sometimes truck and sometimes by bus and on foot, they were able to reach Ayodhya via Lucknow-Faizabad.

Faith doesn’t waver

Dr. Rastougi told that the three were separated from each other due to police checks and strictness in the middle of the way, but as Lord Ram came out of the house due to the work, all the obstacles were automatically dwarfed and he moved towards his destination. Were increasing. On reaching the sanctum sanctorum, the atmosphere changed completely. Bullets were fired from army helicopters. Thousands of police forces present below also fired tear gas shells and fired, but their faith did not waver.

Passion for temple construction

Yogendra Kumar alias Bantu, who is associated with the Sangh, told that during that time he was doing B.Com, but he was also obsessed with temple construction. He did not go in car service, but used to do a lot of sit-in demonstration and effigy burning on the demand of temple construction at the local level. When there was no information about Vinod Kumar alias Heera Lal, Subhash Chandra Sharma and Dr. Anit Rastougi, who participated in the car service from Gajraula, when the shootings took place in Ayodhya, the people of the families of the three were greatly disturbed. The stoves stopped burning here. Family members had even given up food. Here the local administration was bent on being strict on the instructions of the government.