Chairman listened to complaints of electricity consumers, settled on the spot

RK Sharma, chairman of Consumer Troubleshooting Forum of North Haryana Electricity Distribution Corporation Kurukshetra, heard the complaints of electricity corporation consumers. Let us know that by holding an open court every month, the complaint of the people is heard.

On Wednesday, the chairman of the forum heard complaints related to electricity bills, meter readings and electricity connections. During this period, a total of 12 complaints were received, out of which three were settled on the spot. He was let off due to a court case of six complaints, while orders were given for disposal of the other three complaints.

The chairman of the forum arrived in Kaithal to hear the complaints for the first time. During this time, all the officers are quite afraid of them. During this time all the officials arrived and they also assured to solve the problem of the people who arrived here. The first complaint was regarding the readings of the electricity bill, in which the SDO related to the chairman issued orders to settle it. After this, the second complaint came from connection, At which point the chairman issued orders to give the connection to the SDO. The third complaint was the burning of the meter. Even then, orders were issued to XEN to immediately meter it. He also held a meeting of all SDOs before hearing the complaints. In this, he obtained information on the complaints related to the court case. Chairman RK Sharma said that as per the new instructions of the government, the complaints that reach them before the court appeals will be settled within 45 days. Along with this, if there is a complaint related to the connection of electricity, then it will be resolved within 15 days. If SDO and XEN are also found guilty. Then strict action will be taken.

Finance and Account member Neelam Kumari, personal assistant Dev Sharan and others were present on the occasion.