Consumer upset due to network malfunction

BSNL consumers of the district are facing difficulties due to network problems. When someone joins a phone with a mobile phone, it is being found elsewhere. Similarly, people are facing difficulties due to problems in broadband services. Consumers have been facing difficulties for the last several days.

Consumer connections to other networks:

BSNL subscribers of Kanina region have also been contacting each other from other networks for the last two days. There is more trouble for those who have only BSANL connections. People say that mobiles with broadband are also not working for the last two days. This is why mobile toys have become. Consumers said that no signals were coming from BSNL on Monday. Due to this, consumers were worried all day. Consumers Vijay Kumar, Suresh Kumar, Ravi Kumar, Yogesh Kumar etc. told that they are very upset for the last two days. His sim is from BSNL. Due to lack of network, phones are not available. Contact with the officials is also a problem due to the BSNL number. No one is able to tell correctly where there is a malfunction.