Corona virus is infecting in 6 different ways

Coronavirus Symptoms: Corona virus cases are going to touch 20 million figures worldwide, but still we do not know everything about corona virus. Scientists are still trying to know why this virus infects every person differently. Mild symptoms are seen in some people, severe in many people, which prove fatal and many people do not show any symptoms despite being corona positive. There are strains in the corona virus, the effect of which lasts for a long time even after the human is cured.

In view of this, a study by King’s College, London, found that even though the corona virus is a virus, it infects people in 6 different ways.

First cluster: flu-like infection without fever

These are the mildest symptoms of corona. Such symptoms are caused by upper respiratory tract discomfort. Signs of cold, sore throat, blocked nose, chest pain, muscle ache, difficulty in smelling and headache were reported among those suffering from such infections. While fever was not seen in such people.

Second cluster: flu-like infection with fever

The second cluster is slightly more cumbersome than the first cluster, with patients belonging to this category having symptoms of mild flu-like infections as well as frequent fever and loss of appetite. Hoarseness in voice, which is caused by dry cough or Kovid-19.

Third cluster: gastrointestinal infection

Patients belonging to this cluster suffered symptoms that affected their digestive and gastrointestinal function. Although cough was not a predominant symptom in the patients of this cluster, symptoms such as nausea, loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea were noted. Headache and chest pain were also seen.

Fourth cluster: severe symptoms with weakness

Symptoms such as weakness, feeling tired when the immunity slows, were seen in patients in this cluster. Such symptoms are considered the hallmark of a serious case of corona virus. Patients in this category undergo symptoms such as fatigue, headache, loss of smell and taste, sore throat, fever and chest pain.

Fifth cluster: severe symptoms with confusion

These are more severe forms than the fourth cluster, the symptoms in this cluster affect neural functioning and are thought to be the beginning of lasting effects. In which COVID can directly affect the brain. Symptoms like headache, difficulty in smelling, loss of appetite, cough, fever, hoarseness, confusion, sore throat, chest pain, weakness, muscle aches are common.

Sixth cluster: severe symptoms with abdominal and shortness of breath

It has the most dangerous and severe symptoms seen in people in the first weeks. Patients experience symptoms such as confusion, sore throat, prolonged fever, loss of appetite, headache, diarrhea, shortness of breath, muscle and abdominal pain. People with such symptoms have to be hospitalized immediately. Even ventilation and oxygen support may be required.