Course will be reduced from first to eighth grade, proposal sent

On the lines of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), the Haryana Board of Education is also in the process of reducing the syllabus. This will reduce the burden of studies on students from first to eighth grade. For this, subject experts of State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) worked to reduce the syllabus under the Department of Syllabus and Text Book. Such reduced course

Deepti Bokan, chair of the curriculum and textbook department of SCERT, said that in order to reduce the syllabus, chapters of all subjects from class I to VIII were linked together in which there was more or less the same thing. In such a situation, the efficiency of the students will not be affected. They will get knowledge, but the chapters which had the same matter have been reduced. Apart from this, the syllabus taught so far has also been kept in mind so that the studies conducted so far during the lockdown from the new semester can continue. Sent course proposal

After reducing the syllabus, SCERT has sent it to the Directorate of Education. It will be implemented as soon as it is approved. After this, on 30 September, Edusat will also be taught according to the new syllabus. If the reduced syllabus gets approval, then the syllabus from class nine to twelve will also be reduced. For this, orders of Haryana School Education Board are awaited. The course work has been done on the lines of CBSE with great care. Thirty percent of the syllabus has been reduced, in which repetitive chapters have been removed keeping the knowledge content so that the children are not burdened.

Dr. Deepti Bokan, President, Department of Curriculum and Textbooks has been completed to reduce the syllabus from first to eighth grade and it has been sent to the Directorate. Further action will be taken after approval. After the order comes, the syllabus for class IX to XII will be reduced in a similar manner.

Dr. Rishi Goyal, Director, SCERT