Court orders inquiry against Gajendra Singh Shekhawat in Sanjeevani Credit Society scam

Correspondent, Jaipur. Gajendra Singh Shekhawat: The troubles of Union Waterpower Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat, facing SOG investigation over alleged audio in the case of MLAs in Rajasthan’s horse trading case, increased further on Thursday. Now Shekhawat’s name has come up in the case of the scam of the Sanjivani Credit Co-operative Society of Rajasthan. Jaipur Metropolitan Additional Sessions Judge (ADJ) Court No.8 has ordered an inquiry into the role of Shekhawat and some others, including his wife, in the Rs 884 crore scam by the operators of Sanjivani Credit Co-operative Society. Shekhawat and the founder and managing director of the society, Vikram Singh, have been business partners in some other matters. Shekhawat’s difficulties seem to be increasing with this court order. However, Shekhawat ended his partnership with Vikram Singh even before the scam surfaced.

It said in the application

Guman Singh and Labu Singh, residents of Barmer, had submitted an application in the court pleading that there was a scam of Rs 884 crore in the Sanjivani Credit Cooperative Society. Guman Singh invested 14 lakhs and Labu Singh invested 54 lakhs in the society. Apart from Gajendra Singh Shekhawat and his family members, a large amount was transferred from the society to companies of Rajendra Baheti and Kevchand Dakaliya. Despite this, SOG did not investigate the amount invested in companies linked to these people Lucid Pharma Pvt Ltd, Navprabha Biltech Pvt Ltd, Jan Construction and Arihant Tritor. Shekhawat, Baheti and Dakalia had close relations with the society’s director Vikram Singh. Due to this, huge money was invested in these companies from the society. With this money, these people bought many properties in Jodhpur and Ethiopia. Despite this finding in the research, the investigating agency did not pay attention to this.

A chart was presented in the court on behalf of Guman Singh and Labu Singh about how the money was transferred to the accounts of Shekhawat’s company. Despite this, SOG neither questioned the people associated with these companies nor seized their assets. At the same time, the society’s managing director Vikram Singh and some others have been arrested and a charge sheet has been presented against them. While investigation against others was kept pending. Accepting the petition of Guman Singh and Labu Singh, Pawan Kumar ordered the investigating agency to investigate against Shekhawat and others.

This is the case

Vikram Singh, the main accused in the scam of Sanjivani Credit Cooperative Society Limited, was arrested by SOG, the special branch of Rajasthan Police. A case of cheating was registered against the society by luring investors with high interest and fat profits on their deposits. The society has cheated more than Rs 953 crores including about 1,46,991 investors from Rajasthan by opening 237 branches including 211 branches in Rajasthan and 26 branches in Gujarat. SOG’s research had revealed that Sanjivani Credit has been shown loans of about Rs 1100 crore in the accounting books of the Operative Society Limited, most of them being bogus. The number of such fake loans is about 55 thousand and the average loan is about two lakh rupees per person. A total of about 1100 crore rupees of such loans were shown. To whom this loan was given, it is a matter of investigation.