Creators will get the opportunity to earn on the Spark App

The Spark app will increase the workforce four times by the end of this month
App developers have announced new UX, it will go live from next week

Desi app Spark is making its place in the smartphone of Indians after the ban of Chinese app Tik Tok. It is also constantly updating its features. Like Tik Tok, on the short video platform Spark App, now creators will be able to earn a significant amount by showing their talent. App developers say they will pay music creators based on the reach or hits of their songs. Not only this, Chingari will also do revenue sharing for music composers’ hit songs.

We will promote our country’s talent

Co-founder and chief product officer Sumit Ghosh told the company that Spark  has already emerged as a hotspot for domestic content creators. In view of this, we are also giving this platform for music composers. With 16 million users, Spark will give a tremendous reach to talented music composers. Its purpose is to promote the talent of our country. Soon we will give creators a chance to earn from our platform through dance and other talent. However, special attention will be paid to the content. Let us know that the creators at Tik Tokearned millions by performing talent shows. At the same time, app developers have announced a new UX. It will go live from next week. The Spark Team will completely reamp (renew) the app’s UX and make it even more user friendly.

The number of employees will increase four times by the end of July

The app is constantly being updated in view of the fast growing demand among users. In such a situation, the company will need a large number of employees. Sumit says that at the moment we have only 25 employees, soon we will increase the number of employees to 100 by the end of this month or the first week of August. That is, four times hiring. The Spark app has also received funding and investor offers from several companies.

Spark made top 3 in Google Play Store in download

According to the company, the Spark app currently remains one of the top-3 free apps on the Google Play Store. The app has created more than 16 million new users in just 25 days. Biswmata Nayak, co-founder of the Sparkle app, said that at present, there are about three million new users being added every hour and recording 2.2 million videos swipe / view per hour. The entire spark team is working hard round the clock and trying to connect with the growing users and provide them a smooth experience. Many leaders including businessman Anand Mahindra have supported it and are joining this app.

Creators will get money per view on the Spark platform

Spark users get points (per view) for their videos. It can later be redeemed for money. News feeds allow users to interact with new people and share content with them, in addition to uploading videos in fashion and searching content. The app offers trending news, entertainment news, love quotes and more.

10 languages ​​support in this app

The interface of the Spark app is similar to that of Tik Tok but it needs some improvement right now. The app will support 10 languages, including English, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, Punjabi, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu. This app is available for Android and iOS users for free.