Decreased number of consumers, 14 telephone exchanges on the verge of closure

Once upon a time, landline phones, which are considered to be the beauty of homes, are now offering modernity. In the growing mobile era, the number of landlines is steadily decreasing. Alam is that in some towns of the small district Kaushambi, you will not get to see the phone. Some people now use this phone not only for brandbands.

Landline phones were considered the pride of homes almost two decades ago. Its bell didn’t ring that the elders of the house ran from the children to the phone. Some people in rural areas have phones at home. In such a situation, if someone calls from outside, the whole village would gather to call them. Alam was that one phone used to stir the entire village, but now this technology is becoming a thing of the past with technology. With the advent of mobile phones, the number of landline phones is decreasing. People who have taken landline connection also use it only in running broadband. Rajkumar Maurya, SDO of BSNL says. The number of consumers of landline phones has reduced considerably, due to which 14 telephone exchanges in the district are on the verge of closure. Employees have not been deployed for the past decade. The department is also suffering from loss of consumers.