Degree to doctor and youths cheated millions in the name of railway jobs

After online fraud, cases of frauds are coming in the name of jobs. Some are being duped by the Railways and some are being cheated in the name of doctors. The fraud case is being carried out with their millions of rupees. A similar case came up in Rohtak.

Nearly two lakh rupees were duped in the name of getting an MBA degree to a doctor and getting two youths to get jobs in railways. On the complaint of the victims, the police have registered a case and started investigation. The doctor alleged that he had transferred the money to the account of the online company, while an accused has been named in the case of cheating in the name of a job in the railway.

A doctor at the Community Health Center complained to the police that a Kolkata-based company had called and asked for an MBA. The accused charged a registration fee of two thousand rupees for doing MBA. After this, by calling 9500 rupees, 28 thousand rupees, 15900 rupees, 13 thousand 600 rupees, two thousand rupees, including a total of 93 thousand rupees was transferred online. Later, when a call was made to the number given for the degree, the accused did not receive the phone. Fraud was detected for not receiving the phone for several days.

On the other hand, Naresh, a resident of Ward 6, told the police that he had given Rs 1.04 lakh to Gulab, a resident of Khanpur village of Sonepat, to get a job in sons’ railway. The victim said that the accused had claimed to be a joint director of Railways and got a job and a photo copy of a filled form was also shown. Later, when told to other family members, they called it fake and said that nowadays they are not getting a job by giving money. After this, when the accused came to take the remaining amount, he refused to give the money and demanded the amount given back. Accused refused to pay Rs. Due to which, now police have registered a case and started investigation.