Delhi Boycott of Chinese Goods

BoyCott Chinese Goods: On this Independence Day, the boycott of Chinese goods from mosques and madrasas will echo. Muslim Rashtriya Manch has started contacting religious places and educational institutions for this. The platform tries to make the same sound come out not only from the center of religious activities, but also from the houses, shops in the Muslim-dominated areas, and by hoisting the tricolor, the spirit of patriotism can be further strengthened.

Manch national spokesperson Yasir Jilani said the campaign was important. This will send a message that the Muslim community, especially the young nation, is not going to be misled by the anti-national elements. He said that when China launched a cowardly attack on Indian Army soldiers, Muslim society also stood firm in the boycott of Chinese products, so this campaign will give a strong message against China along with patriotism. He told that such a campaign is run by the platform every year. This time there is an attempt to connect houses, shops, factories, fields and barns with it. In Delhi itself, Muslim-dominated areas such as Okhla Batla, Jama Masjid, Nizamuddin Basti, Trilokpuri, Zafarabad and Seelampur will have wide impact.

It is worth noting that the Confederation of All India Traders, an association of retail traders across the country, has also appealed to boycott Chinese goods. CAT aims to reduce India’s imports of Chinese goods by December 2021 by about $ 13 billion, or 1.5 lakh crore rupees. He has been campaigning for boycott of Chinese goods since June.