Delhi Weather Updates

Weather patterns have changed in Delhi-NCR. There have been rains in many areas of Delhi and Faridabad. According to the information received, there is light rain in Delhi and Faridabad while it is cloudy in Noida. Rain is expected here too. Earlier in the morning on Sunday, many areas of Delhi received light rain.

The Meteorological Department had predicted moderate rain on Sunday and rain on Monday. Monsoon will reach Delhi-NCR via north direction. Also, air will reach Delhi-NCR from the Arabian Sea from the western direction and from the Bay of Bengal from the eastern direction. Due to the effect of these weather activities, good rain is expected in Delhi-NCR till August 12. During this time, thunderstorms can also accompany strong winds.

At the same time, there was light cloudy day in Delhi on Saturday. The maximum temperature was 37.6 degrees Celsius. At the same time, the minimum temperature was 28.1 degrees Celsius. The maximum humidity level in the air was 88 percent and the minimum humidity level was 54 percent. Pollution levels remained under control The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) pollution monitoring station recorded an air quality index of 87. City pollution level Delhi – 87 points (satisfactory) Ghaziabad – 95 points (satisfactory) Faridabad – 103 points (general) Gurugram – 93 points (satisfactory) Noida – 113 points (medium) Greater Noida – 60 points (satisfactory).

The weather was pleasant

Earlier, the residents of Delhi enjoyed a pleasant weather on Friday amid seasonal fluctuations. It was cloudy in the morning and the wind started blowing. Drizzle was also seen at some places. Due to this the humidity was less, the heat of the summer was also soft. On Friday morning, when the Delhiites opened their eyes, there was a strong wind outside and there was black shade also. It seemed like it would rain, but in most places the wind blew away the clouds. Somewhere there was drizzle. It was cloudy during the day and played hide and seek with the sun. Due to this, the weather remained pleasant throughout the day. There was also a slight drop in temperature. On Friday, the maximum temperature was two degrees above the average at 35.7 degrees Celsius and the minimum temperature was 27.6 degrees Celsius, one degree above the normal. The humidity level was 64 to 96 percent.