Deputy CM gives instructions, Kanha’s city on birth anniversary, will be live telecast

Agra, Deputy Chief Minister Dr. Dinesh Sharma said here on Monday that the city of Kanha will shine on the birth anniversary. Every intersection will be decorated, every street will be bathed with lights. It will be broadcast live from Shri Krishna’s birthplace. Arrangements are being made to stop the crowd of devotees in the temples.

While reviewing the birthday celebrations in the guest house of the Public Works Department from the administration officials and managers of the major temples, Dr. Sharma said that along with the temples, the squares will be decorated, appealing to people to light the streets. He also asked to broadcast live programs related to Janmashtami programs related to bhajans, verses and information about Shri Krishna’s birth. He said that DD News, ANI agency should be included in the live telecast so that it can be made available to other channels as well. He appealed to the temple managers to decorate the major temples of the district and all the temples of Vrindavan, including Sri Krishna Janmabhoomi, SriBanke Bihari Temple, Sri Dwarkadhish Temple.

Mayor Dr. Mukesh Arya Bandhu, Municipal Commissioner Raxvadra Kumar Mandad assured the decoration of the temple and the intersections. The Deputy CM said that in order to avoid crowds at the Sri Krishna birth anniversary in Mathura, the officials of the surrounding district should also be informed to publicize the message in their districts that the temples in Mathura-Vrindavan are closed. So don’t go there. Deputy CM said that common people have also come forward to decorate the temples. The Municipal Corporation and the Mathura-Vrindavan Development Authority will also decorate the roads and squares.

Officer will brainstorm telecast

District Magistrate Sarvagyanram Mishra told that live telecasts of Kanha’s birth programs will be done from Shri Krishna’s birthplace. SP security has been asked for how this arrangement will happen. It will be finalized by meeting with the officials. Arrangements have also been made to avoid crowds around temples due to Kovid-19.