Details of dump money in the accounts of schools summoned

There are more than three thousand school management committees (SMCs) in the district. Council schools are being run through them. Crores of rupees were allocated to their accounts under various schemes. Where this money is being spent, how much money is left is not being given to the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) office. Due to this, details of expenditure at the state level could not be given. The BEOs are unable to take accounts from the teachers and give them to the officials. Notice has been issued to the block education authorities regarding this.

The government allocates budget for free dress, sweater to students studying in council schools. Apart from this, funds are also sent to the accounts of SMC for the sanitation, registration, maintenance of records of schools. March has passed. Now information has to be given about the amount left in the last financial year but, the details of the remaining funds are not being given here. This situation is not correct. Despite this, it is going on arbitrarily. The letter has been issued to BYO after the matter came to light in the review. The BSA has sought information about those who did not calculate. Basic Education Officer Dr. Indrajit Prajapati said that whoever is not giving details of funds, their responsibility will be fixed.