NLU session will start for the first time without first year classes
Classes of first year students will start one month after the session starts

The new academic session at National Law University Jodhpur will begin from August 1. This will be the first time in the last 20 years that a new session will be started at NLU without first year classes, as the CLAT session will begin. All remaining classes will start online August 1. The proposed date of the clat is 22 August. After the result, the admission process will be completed on the basis of counseling. Probably, the admission process will be completed by the first week of September, and only after that the first year classes will be started, by then a month will have passed.

Winter break cancellation, discounted
academic sessions and late start of classes, it has been decided that the winter vacation of this time will be canceled and there will be classes during this time. In the new session at NLU, students will be charged 25 percent less fees. The annual fees of NLU are more than Rs 2 lakh. Students will get relief of about 50 thousand rupees from this decision.

Every effort to give relief to the students,
Vice Chancellor Prof. According to the instructions of Poonam Saxena, decisions related to online classes, exams, results and new sessions were taken. Keeping in mind the economic crisis in Kovid, a decision has also been taken for relief in fees.