Evacuate hostels or pay a fine of 100 rupees per day

St. Stephen’s College affiliated to University of Delhi (DU) has issued a notice to the students staying in the hostel. It says that students vacate hostels by 7 August. If they do not do this, then after that they will be fined one hundred rupees daily. At the same time, the college teachers and students are calling this notice immoral. The students say that such a decision in this era of Corona epidemic is very disappointing and it is disturbing. It should be withdrawn immediately.

At the same time, college principal John Varghese said that the new semester is going to start, so new students will also come to the college. Sanitization and maintenance work is also to be done in the college and hostel. Students were in their homes in lockdown during the Corona epidemic, but now the lockdown has opened. In such a situation, he can now carry his luggage. Why not mentioned before

Nandita Narayan, associate professor of maths at St. Stephen’s College and former president of DUTA, said that this step of college administration is not good. Why was the information not given earlier to the students to take back their belongings. DU had a mid-semester break during March 8 to 15. Around 80 students were in the hostel before the lockdown. They have gone home after being unlocked in June. Why were they not asked at that time to vacate the hostels. In this case, we will try to find a solution by talking to the administrative officials of the college. The college has a total of 1200 students. Nearly 400 of these students live in hostels.