From Gmail-Facebook to Amazon, all passwords are saved here in your browser; If you ever forget, know from these steps

There are many passwords saved in the settings of your web browser, which are important to know about.
Password can be saved from theft by using certain settings and tricks

Many people are working on an official laptop or desktop during work from home. In such a situation, if your laptop or PC is official then it is very important to delete the data and password before returning it. Actually, many of your passwords are saved in the settings of your web browser, which needs to be deleted.

Whenever we work on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or any other browser, they ask us to save the password of every website that logs in. In such a situation, if you have saved all those passwords, then there is a risk of theft of those passwords.

Password list can be long

Whenever a user logs on to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, his Gmail or any other mail ID, he asks to save his password. Similarly, other websites or platforms where you login with password also ask to save them. In these, your LIC, apps, IRCTC, e-commerce, Facebook, Twitter and many other passwords are also saved.

Passwords are saved here in Google Chrome.

If you are using Google Chrome browser, then all your passwords are saved in the Password section under Settings. These passwords can be viewed from here. Also, you can delete them. Follow these steps to see the password …

First go to Google Chrome Settings
Now go to the password section. Or search by typing password in the search settings above.
Click on the arrow given in front of the password.
Now scroll downwards and you will see the list of all save passwords.
All passwords appear in dot, which can be seen by clicking on the eye.
After clicking on I, the password of the system has to be entered, then anyone can see the password.
Without the main password of computer or laptop, you will not be able to see any password. This process is very useful when you have forgotten a password. However, its disadvantage is that anyone knows the password of your system, then they can steal your other passwords from here.

How to protect these passwords

Whenever you are working on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or any other browser, you can protect all your passwords by taking care of a few things …

  • Always make your laptop, PC password strong. Use numbers, alphabets and special characters in it.
  • Whenever the browser asks to save the password, then save the same from where there is no risk of theft of your details.
  • Offer to save passwords and Auto Sign-in should be turned off by going to Password from Google Chrome settings.
  • MasterPassword for chrome can also use Google extension for Chrome Safety.