Handle expensive and stylish footwear in such a way that it keeps shining for years

People buy stylish footwear one by one but do not pay attention to their maintenance. So in a short period of time, they become merciless. Bad smell comes from them. Not only this, wearing foot-slippers that are torn, old, sealed or soiled with dust and mud also affects the health of the feet. Therefore, proper maintenance of footware is necessary. Here are some easy ways to take care of them.

1 . If the leather shoes have become dirty, first of all clean the dust accumulated on them with a leather brush. Then clean them by applying a leather cleaner in a cotton cloth. Let it dry for a while. Next polish them. You can use cream or paste based polish. By doing this, they maintain proper moisturization. Vais-based polish creates a protection layer on the footware. It is also good to use leather conditioner.

2 . Shoes with lacements remove their laces before cleaning or polishing them.

3 . Fabric or canvas shoes can be cleaned by hand. After washing and drying, fold the newspapers inside them so that their size does not deteriorate.

4 . Accessories like heel cover can be used to protect the heels.

5 . When wet, wipe the footware with an old towel. After this, keep them under the fan to dry. Do not dry them in the sun, as this increases the risk of their natural moisturizing and flying colors.

6 . If the heels of the heels have gone bad, replace them. This is important, because the feet get proper arch support only when the sole is correct. Failure to do so can cause problems in the legs.

7 . Many footwear has heel caps. If they are broken, then change them. They are available in almost all footwear shops. Not doing so will spoil your look, as well as balance of your gait.

8 . Spray weatherproof liquid in expensive shoes and slippers as they can get wet and spoil in case of sudden rain. Keep doing this from time to time.

9 . After use, brush the dust and dirt and keep them in a shoe rack. This will prevent dirt and dirt from entering the surface of the material.

10 . Always wear footwear interchangeably. They will last a long time.