Haryana Mausam Update

Hisar, It is estimated that the weather changed on Sunday. In the afternoon, it was cloudy, with heavy rain in many districts including Kurukshetra, Bhiwani, Sirsa, Bahadurgarh in Haryana. However, the rainfall in some districts was also very less. But there is no need to be disappointed because the chances of rain will remain for the next three days. Hisar also received heavy rains in some parts of Hisar on Sunday, while in some areas its impact was less seen. The weather certainly became pleasant there.

Due to the lack of rain in Hisar for the last few days, people were suffering from the heat and humidity. On Saturday, people struggled with heat throughout the day. The maximum temperature in the day was 37.2 and the minimum was 28 degree Celsius. This was one degree higher than normal. Late in the evening, the weather changed suddenly, causing light rain in some areas of Hisar. The maximum temperature fell due to the rain on Sunday. (

Chaudhary Charan Singh, President of the Agricultural Meteorological Department of Haryana Agricultural University, Dr. Madan Khichar informed that strong rains are expected in many districts of the state since Sunday. A similar situation will prevail in the next two to three days. The humid winds coming from the Arabian Sea are coming to Haryana and raining. Due to this, if the humidity increases, chances of rain will also be created.

Tell that these days the sun is falling, so people are in bad condition due to heat and humidity. At the same time, locust children are also flourishing in many districts. Crops also need water due to sunlight. Therefore, the rains will now rain as gold for the crops. The farmers were worried over the rains that happened ten days ago that watering would spoil their crops, but now the fields are not full of water due to the gap. Therefore, due to the mood of the weather, it is necessary to have rain.