Home isolates are infected without the knowledge of the rules

More than seven hundred people have been allowed to be home isolated in the district following the government’s directive. According to the guide line, many standards and rules were set to be isolated in the house. It is said to have a separate room, bathroom, toilet etc. Apart from this, pulse oximeter, thermal scanner, globs etc. will have to be arranged. Even after this, the infected person can be home isolated. But many people in the district are not aware of the complete rules, nor do they know about oximeter etc. When Dainik Jagran investigated it, the truth came out. Let’s know what information the isolates have given in the house …

Urban area

– An infected resident of Gayatri Nagar in Ijjat Nagar area told that he is home isolated. Is living in a room on the roof of the house. Only the toilet is used by others in the family.

– Five people from a family living in Model Town are infected. Told that he is in all different rooms. Two toilets are all used. Don’t know what a pulse oximeter is. The health department team has given some medicines and nothing.

– Subhash Nagar has two youth positive. The Health Department’s surveillance team is in touch. Medicines have come for those who are taking care. No instructions were given to the infected.

rural area

– In Shishgarh region, a young man from abroad is infected. There is isolate in the house, Google has adopted all the instructions by doing it itself. No information was provided by the department. Information about the pulse oximeter, but not taken.

– People of Faridpur’s Muhalla Para and Kanungoyan are also infected. Talked about not knowing about thermal scanners and pulse oximeters. There is only one bathroom and toilet that everyone is going into.

These are the conditions of home isolation

CMO Dr. Vineet Kumar Shukla said that Rapid Response Teams have been formed in the district, who are contacting patients wishing to stay in home isolation and asking them some questions. Eg, whether the patient has mobile or not, separate room and separate bathroom or not etc. If the patient does not answer it, he will be brought to the hospital. If the patient says that he or she has this resource, then there will be physical verification. During this time, the patient will have to buy the necessary things like pulse oximeter, globs. If patients are able to arrange all these things then they will be allowed home isolation.