Horoscope of July 29

Horoscope Today: Every person has a different amount out of the 12 zodiac signs, with the help of which a person can know what his day will be like. In astrology, the movement of planets creates auspicious and inauspicious clocks, which affect our lives. If today’s day is good about your zodiac sign, you can celebrate it, while if today’s day is bad for you, you can do something good by adopting the suggestions given by Panditji.

Today’s almanac

Day: Wednesday, Shravan month, Shukla Paksha, horoscope of Dashami.

Today’s Rahukkal: 12 noon to 01:30 pm.

Today’s direction: Answer


Aries: There is a need to be health conscious. Travel conditions will be pleasant, but be cautious while traveling. You will get success in seeking cooperation from others.

Taurus: There will be progress in economic matters. Life partner will get support. Governments will be able to seek support from the government. Business reputation will increase. You will get success in education.

Gemini: Control negative thoughts. Avoid travel tours. Will cause disease or anti-stress. Be careful while eating and drinking. The economic side will be strong.

Cancer: Stopped work will be done with the help of friend or relative. You will get success in business matters. Success can also be found in the case of movable or immovable property.

Leo: Livelihood will increase. Health will be fine, but do not take risks. Both Guru and Shani are retrograde, will promote antagonism and disease. The economic side will be strong.

Virgo: The economic plan will get a boost. Do not dispute with brother or sister. You will get success in business matters. Keep restraint on speech. Creative efforts will flourish.

Libra: You feel that injustice is happening to you, while it is not true. Control negative thinking. Be honest about health and family.

Scorpio: You have your own moon on your zodiac, which is why you should control your emotions. Do not do anything that causes mental or physical pain.

Sagittarius: Relationships can be tense. The master of your zodiac is Guru Vakri. Be aware of health and prestige. You will get success in the field of education competition.

Capricorn: Saturn’s half-and-a-half is moving on your zodiac sign. Donating shade would be beneficial. Must control anger and ego. Success in business matters.

Aquarius: Business will increase. Economic pressure will increase, but with the help of the head of the household or the concerned officer, the work will be halted. Put your mind to creative work.

Pisces: Family life will be happy. Stress may come from a higher official or head of household. Negligence for health can be painful.

So friends, today is your own horoscope. Have a good day. Thank you.