How to choose a career where you can both earn and enjoy

We live in a world that is competitive to its core, and earning daily bread and butter needs everyone to put up a fight. The ever-growing materialism is at its peak today for the millennials and people in their mid-30s.

Money has become one of the essential requirements for a lifestyle, starting from owning a gadget to an expensive house with a car parked in front of it, money matters. Here, we’ll explain a methodological approach to choosing a career where one can enjoy and earn.

Today, if one thinks that just choosing a career where their passion lies is sufficient, well, this article will be an eye-opener.

If you are someone looking for an exciting career and know that money is essential, then this is a must read.

Why does a good salary package matter?

ake a minute and think about where you are currently living, and what are your current expenses. Then start making a list of what all you want to have in your life (being single or with a family). Now take a look at the expected amount of money required to fulfill your dreams and desires.

Well, that is why money matters. We are sure that most of your desires won’t be fulfilled without the role of money in it, and your list of wants cost more than what you earn today or are about to make (if you are a fresher).

And it is needless to say that a career or your job plays the most crucial role in deciding how much money gets credited in your bank account at the end of the month.

So, by now, we have established the need to accept these two things to move forward in this article:

If you can relate to the problem by now, then the million-dollar question is how we figure out a career you can enjoy and earn?

To make it simple, we have broken the steps into two parts for more fundamental understanding:

Part 1: How can one choose a job that he/she will enjoy?
Part 2: How to know if that career pays well

Part 1: How can one choose a job that he/she will enjoy?
Simple, a Psychometric Test. Well, enjoyment is a term that will vary from each person. We are different, and we have our preferences and choices.

Not all career paths and the input that they need or the output that they provide can make us happy. But some selected career paths can do that.
So the idea is to take a quick psychometric test and figure out for you as a person, with your abilities and choice preferences, which are the careers you would do well in and enjoy.

Which are the careers where you can provide the input needed with your skills and the output that you receive, you will enjoy?

More often than not, an excellent psychometric test always guides you to a few great career choices best suited for you.

Part 2: How to know that career pays well?

Interaction and research. Once you are sure about a list of career options that work out well for you, start research on the work scope and salary package trends available in each of those career options in the country and city, you are staying or want to relocate to.

It would help you even further if you learned about the potential of the short-listed career paths and the industry dynamics in the next 10-15 years.

It would help if you got in touch with folks working in the industry to get first-hand information about work, salary trends, growth, and scope.

After that, you need to sit down and take a final call about which career option is more appealing to you out of the shortlisted ones, based on your research on the salary trends and the growth perspective.

And there you go! If you go through this process diligently and as mentioned, you save yourself a trip to a career counselor and probably make a life-changing decision.

– Article by Swoyan Satyendu, COO, ODM Educational Group