IIT Delhi will share technology of its armor mask with people, will become 10 times cheaper N95 level mask at home

Ministry of Health has recently declared the N95 (fitted with valves) mask as unable to prevent corona virus. The ministry has suggested a better without mask or triple layer mask. Meanwhile, IIT Delhi has also started preparing to deliver the valve N95 mask to the common people without cheap. He is preparing to share his armor mask techniques and materials for the common people. In this way, ordinary people can make a mask of 95 N level without sitting at home for just Rs 20. Which will be ten times cheaper than the N95 mask found in the market.

IIT Delhi professor Bipin Kumar said that on April 21, we had made a mask of the quality level of N95 named Kavach. Right now its price is only 45 rupees in the market. The technique of making masks has been patented. IIT Delhi claims that this mask is much better and much cheaper than the masks sold in the market.

The IIT’s armor mask is made entirely of indigenous technology. They told that they are now ready to hand over their technology to the man. Women sitting at home will be able to make masks with the help of IIT Delhi’s technology. For this, we have started training in about one and a half dozen NGOs, RWA and Society Group. A video of about 5 minutes has also been prepared, which can be masked at home.

Yet 20 million armor masks have been sold
, it is much better and safer method of making went masks issued by technology WHO. For this only a group of at least 100 people will have to buy special type of cloth. This fabric can be purchased from the website of etex dot in (etex.in). Where people will also be able to take online training to make it. Only with this cloth can the mask of N95 level make armor sitting at home. In this way, the cost of making a mask at home will be less than 20 rupees. Its design, stitching and special type of fabric plays an important role. So far 20 lakh armor masks have been sold. Whose responsibility from production to marketing and distribution is handled by half a dozen students of BTech, IIT Delhi.