Indian Non-profits can now accept donations via Donorbox

NGOs are those organizations that work for the betterment of that part of our society which needs upliftment. For every NGO to sustain they need donations from different channels. NGOs are trustworthy in the eyes of the people citing its independent entity. They are exempted from government interference in their functions.

NGOs are known to play a serious role in bringing a revolution in society regarding different social ills. NGOs have been taking a lot of social causes such as Women empowerment, education, domestic violence, etc on the national and international levels.

Ensuring humanism by fighting against human rights violations, social exclusions, domestic violence, and others have been common objectives of the NGOs. These organizations are also entering the sector of economic well-being and providing a better standard of living.

Any person who wishes to become a member of an NGO can actively participate and serve society. However, there are a lot of instances where the donations from within the country are not enough to sustain and carry on the day to day activities. This is where the need to raise donations from international channels arises.

However, to resolve the difficulty of obtaining donations from international sources A lot of IT solutions have come into play. The latest software programs have made it really simple and easy to procure donations from cross border channels.

There are a lot of NGOs in India working for areas of society that are deprived of government attention and funds. For example, Goonj NGO is providing clothes and other basic amenities to millions of poor people. A lot of other NGOs are providing quality education to street children, providing water facilities in the remotest areas along with many other good causes.

Shanti Bhavan and are helping to provide good quality education to those who are deprived and who cannot afford it and their work is commendable in the area.

What is the need for fundraising at global level?

Fundraising at the global level has become popular lately and there has been a lot of research conducted to decode this. In the latest research conducted by Ankita Suri, a lot of questions regarding the donation at cross border level have been answered. The findings of the report suggest that 60% of the funding of the NGOs comes from international roots.

The survey studied two categories of NGOs, the one which received funds from online routes while the second which has no connection with global funding. The study also monitored a lot of factors and upcoming plans of the NGOs to further study the future programs of NGOs to raise funds.

Donorbox is popular software that aims at raising funds effectively at the global level. Donorbox is a USA based fintech startup registered at San Francisco, mainly working for nonprofits organizations. It started its operations in 2014 and managed to become one of the most trusted and popular online donation software.

Since then, there was no looking back. The software has now over 35,000+ nonprofits users across 35+ countries. The best part about this software is that it accepts currencies of different countries. This feature of Donorbox makes it more feasible and trustworthy in the eyes of users.

Donorbox has been helping nonprofits successfully for the past 6 years. In these 6 years, it has worked on a lot of projects with top NGOs and nonprofits in the United States, such as Truthout, Project Charley, and Salvadoran American Humanitarian Aid Foundation, and more.

Donorbox was first introduced in India in early 2020 when the world started facing the heat of COVID-19. In a short period of time, it has managed to work with top NGOs which includes Shanti Bhavan Children’s Project,, and more.

What makes Donorbox different from others?

The Donorbox has a unique working style, and it is simple to set up and helps attract recurring donors. It comes with a user-friendly interface and an easy-to-use software platform and makes sure that it is easily accessible to everyone. The best part about Donorbox is that the whole set up takes 15 mins, and nonprofits will be ready to start fundraising. It works on a fast and optimized processor.

Donorbox has some advanced features like fast checkout, marketing your campaign with Donorbox donation platform, safety and security, integrating with your favorite apps, tax, legal, and donor management which collects addresses, phone numbers so that you can communicate with them smoothly for upcoming projects and events. There is also a separate and unique section called Custom field to take up custom questions of the donors and answer their queries.

In the recent interview with Mr. Raviraj Hegde, the Growth Director at Donorbox said, “Indian digital growth is moving faster than ever. Every business is starting to accept digital payments and trying to have an online presence. The culture of philanthropy is spreading fast and it’s time for Indian nonprofits to up their game and start accepting online payments from all over the world and have a strong global online presence. We aim to help as many nonprofits as we can with online their growth and fundraising. The best part is Donorbox is free to start and it can fit any size of NGOs.”

If we talk about the records, Donorbox has helped nonprofits raise more than $300 Million and still helping 35,000+ nonprofits as we write. The donations are not just limited to non-profit organizations but also helped many churches, schools, mosques, temples and other institutions in fundraising globally. The features of Donorbox which have made it popular it amongst others are,

1. The Donorbox software is compatible with all CMS systems including WordPress, Weebly, and Squarespace.

2. The Donorbox donation software does not store any card or bank data which makes it safe amongst the donors.

3. The Fundraising thermometer encourages more donations from different channels.

4. Donorbox is secured by SSL/TLS and it is PCI compliant.

5. The Credit card information used for making donations is encrypted, tokenized, and safely stored in the Stripe payment processor.

6. Donorbox can be directly embedded on your website or as a pop-up widget on your donation website. You can also create a dedicated donation page with your own branding.

In addition to all the great features that come with the software, Donorbox also helps NGOs and nonprofits engage with donors, in turn helping nonprofits achieve fundraising goals.

If you are an Indian NGO and want to raise funds, you can sign up for Donorbox at for free.