Industrial Park

The case of forcibly taking the land of village Sekhevala in Ludhiana district to set up an industrial park in Mattewara is on hold. The Lok Sangharsh Committee has announced to fight every possible battle to save the Mattewara forest.

The Lok Sangharsh Committee comprises 19 social institutions in the city. Committee member Kuldeep Singh said that the government cannot forcibly occupy the land of Sekhewal. The villagers have decided to challenge the High Court by constituting a committee. The villagers have decided to challenge the High Court by constituting a committee. Former village sarpanch Dhira Singh said that he would go to Chandigarh on Friday evening with all the documents.

He said that it is also illegal to forcibly take the female sarpanch at night. Significantly, on Thursday night, Tehsildar and Police Sarpanch Amrik Kaur was taken to the Sub Registrar’s office but the registry could not be done due to opposition from the people. Slogans were also raised against the police and administration. Seeing the matter growing, the Tehsildar and the police sent us back. He said that earlier the administration had passed the proposal keeping them in the dark. Which was later canceled by the panchayat.

Opposition to the decision to build industrial park

It is worth mentioning that the government has decided to build an industrial park on 955 acres near the Mattewara forest. It also includes the panchayati land of 400 acres Sekhawala village. Only 70 families live in this village who have fought a long battle over this land. He has also won the case from the Supreme Court.

One thousand acre industrial park will be built on 2300 acres of forest adjacent land

The state government has prepared a plan to develop an industrial park on 955.60 acres adjacent to this forest. It has been approved in the cabinet only on 8 July. Environmentalists are apprehensive that the government’s move is unlikely to escape the forest.

The pollution of the industry has turned the old Budha Darya flowing from the middle of Ludhiana into a drain. Now the waste water here will be drained into the Sutlej flowing with the Mattewara forest. Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh said in his Facebook Live program on Saturday that these fears of environmentalists are unacceptable and said that not even an inch of land in Mattewada forest will be taken.