Kanha will sit on bed with glasses and turban, preparations in full swing

Moradabad Like the Bholes in Banaras, Kanhas are also members of the household of the people. They are also cherished like a small child at home. They eat, drink. Live in such a cooler and also put glasses and turban. As soon as Janmashtami arrives, their chic becomes even more, markets are decorated for them. Every time there is something new in the market for Kanha. This time, sofa less beds are in most demand. Apart from this, shopping of AC-cooler, cradle, colorful costumes was fiercely on Monday, a day before Janmashtami.

On the eve of Janmashtami, the crowd in the market swelled such that even the walking people had to struggle a lot. People gathered at the shops to buy colorful costumes and cribs adorned with pearls. Businessman Akshay Agarwal explains that due to Corona, not many items have arrived in this market, but there are complete arrangements that Kanha’s chic will not be lacking.

Kanha’s dress adorned with Kundan

In Janmashtami, devotees are most concerned about their attire. For this, colorful and beautiful costumes reached the market. Dresses adorned with Kundan, Meena and pearls won the hearts of customers. Businessman Vipin Gupta says that the first choice of customers to make Kanha’s swing in the cradle was Kundan’s apparel. At the same time, his turban, mural, glasses also reached the market adorned with pearls and many kinds of workmanship.

Sold Laddu Gopal of all sizes

Shopping also took place to worship Laddu Gopal from house to house. From small Laddu Gopal to large size Kanha were also purchased, according to the size, the cradle was also liked by the customers in the market.