Kanpur becomes Ramgarh of Sholay film, why AAP leader Sanjay Singh said this

Kanpur, Rajya Sabha member of Aam Aadmi Party Sanjay Singh has said that as the days of murder and robbery are happening in Kanpur, it seems that Kanpur has now become Ramgarh of Sholay film. A Gabbar robber comes and openly commits the crime. He met the victims of the couple’s murder in Kanpur and the family members in the Brijesh kidnapping-murder case at Bhognipur in Kanpur countryside and assured justice.

In Kanpur, under the train market, the family members got involved in the murder of Vishnu and Shalu on the grounds of the loco colony along the GT Road. After this, Rajya Sabha member Sanjay Singh, while talking to reporters, took a dig at the incidents of kidnapping in the city that the kidnapping industry has taken the form of Yogiraj. Criminals and leaders are safe here, while the public is vulnerable. He consoled the victims and said that the Aam Aadmi Party is ready to help in every way. He demanded from the state government that the victim should be satisfied, the police should take such action.

Criminal and leaders’ nexus is increasing crime

Sanjay Singh also reached Bhognipur Chaura village in Kanpur countryside to meet the family members of Brijesh who were killed after the abduction and assured the family to get justice. He said that due to the nexus between the leaders and criminals in Uttar Pradesh, people are falling prey to increasing crime here. The Chief Minister talks about the cleansing of mafia and miscreants in the state, but the increasing loot, kidnapping and theft incidents proved that Jungle Raj is going on here. The police also acted negligently in the Brijesh kidnapping case.