Knowledge level will increase as mental pressure decreases

After three and a half decades, the land prepared for change in education has received considerable appreciation. The central government’s change in education is widely appreciated. When the level of education in private and government will be normal, then it will undoubtedly benefit the general public. Every child will get a new education policy and parents will also be able to take advantage of it. Whether it is Sanskrit or Deva language, a lot of effort has been made to give respect to the local languages. The corrective changes made in the new policy will be very effective in increasing the educational level of the country. Educationists believe that the new education policy will provide relief to the children who are under mental pressure in the race of marks, efforts to make education employable by increasing the level of knowledge is commendable.


The new education policy will give a new direction from basic to pre-primary to higher education. The most important is that the mother tongue will remain the medium of instruction as far as possible till the fifth grade. Apart from this, the existence of UGC, NCERT, AICTE in higher education will also end and a regulatory body will be formed.

Dr. Prashant Dwivedi, Head of Department, Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Government Women’s College-5 3 3 4 Based on the new education system will create new dimensions, which will benefit the country with future generations. Under this arrangement, until the class 5, the importance of the Elakai language was given, with no compulsory English. Technology based education will be provided in classes 6,7 and 8. There will be benefit of studying Kambo from class 10 to 12. In 4 years, the child will get direction according to his interest.

Uday Prabhat, Principal GIC so the appreciation of the new education policy is less. Especially Do Bidu in which children up to class 5 will be able to study in their own language. The mother tongue and the ambient language will prove more beneficial. Secondly, children will be able to take practical knowledge of the crafts of their surroundings from the people associated with them.

Asia Farooqui, state award-winning teacher The new education policy is laudable, showing coordination between age knowledge and daily needs. The focus is on the practical knowledge that is required daily. The fear of examination will be less. Changes can also be made in between according to interests. Teachers also have to be ready for change and join the mainstream.

Jawahar Singh, Principal Sarvodaya Inter College Gopalganj The framework of National Education Policy is very advanced. This has opened the way for comprehensive reform in the field of education. In the Indian education system, knowledge-based, employment oriented, technical and supportive education will be provided for the all-round development of the student. Under the policy, making mathematics and science compulsory subjects in higher secondary schools will develop scientific outlook among children.

Dr. Priyanka Jaiswal, Principal Nirankari Balika Vidyalaya The new policy is showing indelible mark of positive change. This will promote flexibility, skill. Knowledge, science, art, music along with intellectual capacity enhancement will be strengthened. Interesting teaching of sports and other concomitant activities will provide a new platform. The inclusion of mother tongue and vernacular up to class five will give the language a new dimension of respect.

Neelam Bhadauria, State Award-awarded teacher The new education policy will be the basis for the study of technical and innovation and research by ending the old worn-out system. One nation-one will fulfill the dream of education. To get rid of the burden of books in the beginning, the child from class 10 will build a future by choosing which area he wants to go. The new education policy will prove worthwhile in changing the direction and condition of the country and children.

Dr. Hemant Tripathi, Principal Dr. Satya Narayan Bharti will prove to be the same as Amrit, the plight of school education and new education policy for children. The need is that it should not be broken like every rule. Work will have to be done along with taking concrete and effective steps in this comprehensive action plan. Only then will the meaningful results of this change be revealed. – The education of Ramanand Maurya parent government schools is still going through a phase of depression. Private schools have been taking advantage of this. The change made with uniform education will be a test of duty and loyalty to the responsibilities. It should be made successful by emphasizing on the right and successful implementation. Many rules are made but they do not succeed.

Shiv Kishore Prajapati, the guardian, after three and a half years, a government has changed education. It should also bring positive results. Without this, the format of change will not fit in education. The attachment of parents from the government school has been removed, this will increase the attachment. A good and easy way has been found out in which area the child wants to go.