Knowledge, science and skills will be developed in students

A new education policy has been implemented to change the education system. It has got approval in the cabinet. On this, Dainik Jagran interacted with intellectuals on Thursday and got his opinion, and everyone welcomed it wholeheartedly. Although said that the situation has not been completely cleared yet, the knowledge, science and skills will be developed in the students according to the information received.

The orders of the new education policy will be applicable only to universities, colleges and government schools affiliated to UGC. If there are private universities and missionary schools, how will they follow it? First, there is a need to close school colleges running contrary to the standard. There is a need to provide quality education by filling the vacant posts of teachers in primary schools and colleges.

– Dr. Kirti Singh, Former Vice Chancellor Acharya Narendra Dev Agricultural University, Faizabad. This is a commendable step of the government. The actual development of students takes place when the parents should be educated not according to their wishes but according to the interest of the student. The new education policy is in line with that. According to the interest, the country will progress on training and teaching children.

– Former President Prem Shankar Mishra, Civil Advocates Association. If the government is following the education policy in letter and spirit, then it will develop children in the coming time. Not just paperwork. The old education policy is not good in the present environment. Children should be educated and trained according to their interests. So that their future can be better.

– Former President Tej Bahadur Singh, Civil Advocates Association. In view of the need of a new society and country, more emphasis should be laid on it. According to which the way is able to be shown. Such a system has been waiting for a long time. This will change the lives of millions of students. Students will be working on knowledge, science and enhancement skills after going through a period of rote learning.

Major PP Singh, Head of the Department of Agricultural Engineering, TD College. Giving place to pre-primary education system is a welcome step, but before sending children to school, proper arrangements will have to be made in the school. Freedom of children to choose the subject The subjects should be further simplified to make the education system practical. Vocational education given from class 6 onwards will increase the attraction of students and parents towards education.

-Amit Singh, District President Primary Teachers Association. It is said that when there is a big change in a country, first of all its education policy should be changed. The new education policy is quality and flexible. This will end the tradition of rote. Knowledge, science and skills will develop in children. In such a situation, their future will flourish. When their future grows, the country will also develop.

-Subham Tiwari, Teacher, St. Xavier’s School, Badlapur.