Kuvi EC approved the budget of 460 crores

At a virtual meeting of the Executive Council (EC) at Kurukshetra University on Friday, decisions were taken after discussing 42 issues with the passing of a budget of Rs 460 crore for the year 2020-21.

The meeting was chaired by Vice Chancellor Dr. Neeta Khanna. The virtual meeting started at 11 am and lasted till 12:30 pm. With the passing of annual and audit reports, the names of the selection committees were also allowed in the meeting.

The annual budget is usually passed at the EC meeting before 31 March. It is only after this that the work starts in the new fiscal year of the budget. This time due to the Corona era, the meeting could not be held on time. Now the budget has to come in the end of July. Dean Academic Affairs Prof. Approved to extend the term of Manjula Chaudhary, increase the contract of Dr. AC Rana to act as Director of the Institute of Pharmacy, as well as granting the Dean Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science to the Dean Faculty of Life Science Has gone. Along with this, the decision to run two new courses in Government Girls College of village Bastali in Karnal district has also been approved.

Approval for promotion of IEHS teachers and SFS teachers

The promotion of teachers of Institute of Integrated and Honors Studies included in the agenda of EC meeting has been approved. Approximately 50 teachers will benefit from this decision. Along with this, approval was also granted to open a promotion channel for teachers appointed under Self Finance Scheme. About 80 teachers working in Kuvi will benefit from this decision. In the meeting, Dr. Ramesh Kait, Teacher of Computer Science Department, was also Assistant Professor. The post of has been approved.

Cleanliness and Group D employees also get benefits

Dr. Deepak Rai, Deputy Director, Department of Public Relations said that according to the guidelines received from the State Government in the meeting of the EC, according to the Seventh Pay Commission, it has been recommended to increase the allowances of university cleaning employees and Group D employees. Committee will investigate before taking action on officer in construction branch

A decision has been taken by the Chief Secretary of the state government to conduct an inquiry against the officer concerned before taking action against the negligence in the construction branch. Action will be taken on the officer after the report of this committee. The Kuvi administration had placed the matter before the EC on the issue of instructions from the Chief Secretary. Significantly, an officer retired from the construction branch was accused of negligence in issuing contracts for the construction done in Kuvi. The complaint was sent to the Prime Minister’s Office. On sending a letter from the Prime Minister’s Office to the Chief Minister’s Office, a committee of officers investigated the entire matter. On reaching its report to the Chief Secretary, he wrote to the Kuvi administration for action on the officer concerned. The matter was referred to the EC. After discussion in the EC, it has been agreed to set up a committee for this. Report of this committee