Lockdown effect

MP Board 12th result fell by 7% to 75.8% due to lockdown. It took three years for the 3% result to increase, but the gap of three months (March 19 to June 9) in the exam dropped by 7%. The district’s result had reached 79.2% in 2017, 81.5% in 2018 and 82.7% in 2019. However, this time three students of the district have made it to the state merit list. Among them are Sakshi Mishra of Shobhapur, Vibher Bhatt of Heshangabad and Neelam Sarathe of Sahagpur. Science results were affected with the lockdown due to the JEE Mains, NEET date going forward. The pass percentage in Chemistry, Maths and Baye decreased but the average score increased. The result of Physics examination before the lockdown is better. Revision of the main issues of arts and commerce, the percentage of passing has increased with the time of writing practice.

Understand from the example of excellent school that the result of the subsequent prescription was impaired.

131 science students took the exam. 113 passed. 6 failed. 11 came supplementary in mathematics and chemistry. Physics prescription results before the lockdown were 97 percent. The average score is 62. After the lockdown, only 9 percent of Chemistry, 96 of Baye, 94 percent of Maths passed due to hanne. But the average score of the pass students is 78 in chemistry, 69 in bay, 65 in math.
Commerce – 75 students took the exam. 72 passed, 2 came supplementary. One failed. Business study and Hindi English leaflet before the lockdown had 100 percent result. The results of the business economics after the lockdown were also 100 percent. The average number is 53. Similarly, 96 percent students passed the accountancy examination but the average was 46 marks.
Arts- All the main issues were tested after the lockdown. Results of academics were 92, political science 98.3 and Bhugel 100 percent. Students’ average scores were between 65 and 70.
Subject wise result: Most passed in Science but less marks in subsequent papers

Humanities Arts
3728 students took the exam. 2703 passed. The result was 72.99 percent. 633 supplementaries came and 367 were failed.

3563 students took the exam. 2989 passed. The result was 84.19 percent. 333 supplementaries came and 228 failed.

3827 students took the exam. 2693 passed. The result was 70.6 percent. Supplementary came to 571 and 550 failed.

269 ​​students took the exam. 215 passed. The result was 80.52 percent. 43 of the supplements came and 9 failed.

36 students took the exam. 28 passed. The result was 77.77 percent. 6 came in supplementary and 2 failed.

Is the scientific effect on the test before and after the lockdown: Dr. Tathagat Saxena

Most science students prepare JEE or NEET along with the bard. Date of both exams has gone ahead. In such a situation, students went to Relax. Concentration was removed from studies. Jae continued to practice, his scores increased but his preparation was reduced by Jae’s preparation.
Tension was left in the examination of only a few poisons of science. The result was affected.
The main subjects of the arts were tested after the lockdown. There was a gap in studies.