Maintenance charges will be increased based on property index

Ghaziabad: Maintenance charges will increase every year based on property index. The earlier fixed rate was increased by four and a half percent. This has been mentioned in the draft of the manual regarding maintenance fees. The GDA agrees on this. Officials said that this would increase the income of GDA.

GDA Chief Engineer Vivekananda Singh said that under most of the authorities of the state, people in the colonies were reluctant to pay maintenance charges. A young man also went to court in this case. Then there was a question mark on the legality due to the absence of rules to collect maintenance fees. Only after that the government started the work of making rules. Now the draft is ready. GDA has also been consulted on that. He informed that the maintenance fee of the group housing society will be charged from the AOA as before. AOA will collect the fees from the flat owners only. This system will not be changed. Explain that the government is working regularly to remove the bottlenecks in the development authorities’ income. Earlier, a rule was also made for levying fees on property renaming.