Markets start decorating for Sri Krishna Janmashtami

Markets have already been decorated to capitalize on the occasion of Shri Krishna Janmashtami. Radha-Krishna statues at the shops, their dress, new technology swings, beds and attractive mosquito nets are attracting customers. However, due to the ban in the Rajghat police station area, the nearby shops, including Pandeyhata, are the most crowded to buy idols and costumes. The Bhoomi Poojan program for the Shri Ram Temple in Ayodhya is making this festival twice as enthusiastic. This is why there are crowds of people at the shops.

Preparations begin for Krishna Janmashtami

After Raksha Bandhan, preparations for Janmashtami have started. There are attractive spots of Radha-Krishna at many places in the city, including the Jalkal complex, police line. A large number of people from nearby towns also arrive with the family at the fair to be held in Durgabari. The fair will not be held this time due to corona infection, but preparations have started.

The sale of Radha-Krishna idols, their dress and swings increased

People in Alinagar and Shahmaruf were seen buying Radha-Krishna dresses for children too. Sandeep Kumar, the seller of clothes and sculptures, told that more sales are being made of Radha-Krishna’s idols, their jewelry and costume. Cradle of Krishna has also become hi-tech for some time. Previously, a cradle or swing that can only be swinged with rope has now become electric and battery powered.

Swing decoration and decoration of lights

Apart from this, the decoration of flowers is also being seen on this swing. Its beauty is increasing the net made of mosquito nets and velvet sheets in beautiful colors. Shahmaroof wholesaler Shamshad said that people are also buying decoration materials to decorate Sri Krishna’s palanquin. The rush of customers will increase on Friday as there will be two consecutive days of detention.