MBA pass youth giving employment, 3.5 million turnover in a year

The youth of Bhadrakali, a small village in Gagret area in Himachal Pradesh’s district Una, opted for self-reliance by quitting their jobs for lakhs of rupees. Self-reliant provided employment opportunities to others as well. The result of the hard work and passion of Ravindra Parashar was that today he has given employment to 25 people. Turnover up to 35 lakhs in a year. Ravindra returned from quitting his job of 20 lakhs and is now earning well.

Ravindra Parashar studied BTech and MBA from the country’s premier educational institute and then worked in a multinational company based in Gurugram. His annual package there was twenty lakh rupees. A year ago, I decided to do something in the village itself. Parashar, who regularly traveled to countries like America and France, planned to leave a large package of jobs and make organic incense from the flowers offered in temples. For this, he got the company registered as Yuvan Vendors and applied under the Chief Minister Start Up Scheme.

Dr. After the technical support of scientists of YS Parmar University of Forestry and Forestry, Nauni started to prepare organic incense by setting up a unit in his village. He is doing the waste of flowers used in religious places and public ceremonies in the manufacture of agarbati and also compost compost.

Business shining in Corona era

In the Korana era, when many industrial houses are retrenching their employees, 25 people working in Yuvan are also sure of their employment. Their business is flourishing even during the Karona period. These employees are helping to enter the business of young entrepreneur Ravindra Parashar with body and mind. The demand for incense made in this industry is now abroad. Parashar’s industry has established new dimensions of success in the Corona period.

The flowers of the temple were seen flowing in dirty drains

Flowers in temples are thrown here and there. Many times they are also shed in dirty drains and ravines. The flowers symbolizing faith and reverence were pained by looking at this kind of dishonor and he thought in his mind that he would use these flowers properly. When the talk of starting a business under the start up scheme came up, he decided to work on this idea only. Today, Ravindra’s business is smelling of the fragrance of flowers. His idea has also been praised by Chief Minister Jairam Thakur and Union Minister Anurag Thakur.

25 employees work in the industry

Ravindra has 25 employees associated with the industry, including women from the village. Apart from product preparation, a separate staff has been appointed for marketing. He is also promoting his product online. This is the reason that there is a demand for herbal incense in the South Asian countries of Doha and Qatar besides America, England. Apart from this, they are getting online orders of Agarbati in big cities of India. The special thing is that the packaging of their company’s incense sticks is eco-friendly and after using it also does not harm the environment.

Production continues in the Korana era

In the Corona era, Ravindra has stayed with his team following the rules of physical distance. Although offline marketing was closed for some time, now this team has become active again after the unlock. Gradually, orders from local shops have also started getting. Even during the Corona days, Ravindra has been encouraging his employees and helping in every way except salary and sales commission.

Demand is high due to incense sticks made from temple flowers

Parashar is preparing incense sticks from the flowers that are offered in the temples. The flowers have been thrown away after offering to the god, but Ravindra dries them to make agarbati. Agarbati is also used mostly by people for worship and the object which is made after climbing in the temple of God is bound to increase its demand. At present, Ravindra used to get annual package in Gurugram’s company, more turnover has been done in this business and it is expected to increase further.

Message for youth in the Karona era

Ravindra Parashar says that no work in life is big or small. If work is done by working hard, hard and aiming, then getting success is not a difficult task. The youth should be motivated towards self-employment and by becoming self-sufficient, others should also show their way. Ravindra says that due to Corona, there is an opportunity for those youths who have missed jobs or left. Such young people can also provide employment opportunities to the local people.