Measuring started in twenty villages of Bhojpur, Muradnagar and Rajapur

Modinagar: Work has started at the ground level to take the ownership plan to its end. In the first phase, separate teams under the leadership of Naib Tehsildar, Revenue Inspector and ADO Panchayat have been formed in 20 villages of Bhojpur, Muradnagar, Rajapur blocks. Officials have also given strict orders for uploading complete accounts of the population property measurement in villages on the portal. Failure to do so has been warned of departmental action. The ownership plan was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the occasion of Panchayati Raj Day. The intention of the government behind this is that the ownership of the property of the population area in the villages should be decided. Before now there was no record of the wealth of the village population at the tehsil and district level. He was considered to be the owner of the possession according to the occupation. Tehsil administration has started working on this scheme. Tehsildar Umakant Tiwari, for this, Naib Tehsildar, Separate teams have been formed under the leadership of ADO Panchayat and Revenue Inspector. Two accountants and one village development officer have been entrusted with this task on the big village. Whereas, a lekhpal and village development officer is working on it in a small village. The village development officer is more aware of the accounts of the population of the person living in the village and the actual situation. The job of measurement will be done by the accountants. Both departmental officers will go on the spot and do physical verification. If a house, shop, If more than one person has a share in the circle, then their ownership will be decided accordingly. Apart from this, the officers who lead the team will get the daily work done by taking updates from village development officers and accountants. Full data will be uploaded on the portal daily. The tehsildar said that in case of non-compliance with the order, departmental action will be taken on the responsible. The tehsildar said that after the completion of the work of 20 villages, the work of measurement will start in other villages also.

-It will be a benefit: On getting the documents of ownership, the person will be entitled to take a loan from the bank. There will be a decrease in cases of illegal occupation of population property in the village. Anyone can get complete information about the property in one click. It will be easy to buy and sell property. Gram Panchayat can increase its income by levying tax in future. This will improve the development of villages.

-The work being done in these villages in the first phase: 1- The villages of Muradnagar block are Shobhapur, Navipur, Mohammadpur-Kadim, Fatehpur, Puthri, Sikhaida-Hazari, Firozpur, Jhalwa, Khairajpur, Bada-Arifpur.

2- Villages of Bhojpur block, Kinhapur, Makramtpur-Sikhaida, Zoya, Patti, Shahjahanpur, Kanakpur, Raghunathpur. 3-Rajpur block villages, Kazampur, Yusufpur-Manauta.