MLA Narang will raise the demands of electricity workers in the assembly

The officials of PSPCL Pensioners Association met Abohar MLA Arun Narang regarding their demands and got them forwarded by their demands. MLA Narang assured to raise the issue of his problems in the Assembly and resolve them.

The employees told the MLA that the Punjab Government and Powercom Management were not paying any attention to fulfill the demands of the employees and pensioners. He has demanded from the government and powercom that concessions in power units should be given in the state like other states of the country, advance promotional increments to be given unconditionally to retired employees and officers on fixed date, salary and retirement of employees from January 2016. The recommendations of the Sixth Commission to revise the pension should be implemented immediately.

Listening to the demands of the employees, MLA Arun Narang said that the Captain Government of Punjab had only made promises to the public and employees to seize power. She has proved to be unsuccessful in completing them, due to which the employees and the peasantry of the state are very unhappy with this. The MLA said that they would try to get the demands of the employees raised by raising the issue of their demands in the assembly. Pradhan Shankar Das, Secretary Jangir Singh and other employees were present on the occasion.